Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ginger Honey Braised Ribs

Serving size: 6 persons
This dish will taste better if left over night as the meat and other ingredient will tender further.
This recipe calls for use rib to derive the nutritional values from the bone marrow in the ribs.

Traditional chinese medicine values:
- Improve eye sight (Keichi)
- Increase blood (Honey, dark sauce, black bean, red dates, black fungus)
- Increase blood circulation (Ginger , black fungus)
- Reduce Inflamation (Ginger)
- Thinning of blood (black fungus)
- Prevent Cancer (polysaccharides in black fungus)
- Absorbs dust in the lungs and digestive system  (black fungus)
- Provide calcium absordable by body (black fungus)
- Provide warm especially during winter months

30 g Keichi
40g red dates
300ml Red Wine or Ginger wine (Confinement wine)
150ml Ginger Honey  (Add more to increase sweetness)
1 tbs Sweet Soya sauce (add more for darker colour glavy)
1/2 tbs Soya Sauce (add for more salty flavour)
800 g Pork Ribs (Can be replaced by Beef or Lamb ribs)
10 cloves Garlic (Cut into slices)
10g Old Ginger (Cut into thin slices)
3 Clove
2 petal of Anise
300 g of Black Fungus
200g of black bean
300g of Brussel Sprout (Half the bigger size sprout, otherwise leaves them as whole)

Layer bottom of pot with black fungus and then black bean. 
Add the anise and 5 star flower
Add a layer of the pork.  
Sprinkle the garlic and ginger on top of the pork.
Add the sweet soya sauce and half th Soya Sauce.
Add half of the Ginger Honey.
Add the remaining pork rib and soya sauce and ginger honey.
Add the wine and some water to cover all the meat.
Place the Brussel Sprout on top of the meat and cover the lid.
Slow cook at high heat for 2 hours and low heat for another 2 hours.

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- Nutrition benefit from BONE MARROW

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why I create this blog

Hi there.  It is my hope that I can share some of the recipes my parents love with you.  I understand it is not easy to care for senior folks and it is important to be able to find some "PRIVATE" time for yourself.  Time utilization is one of the most important consideration in creating these recipes.

Currently my parent live by themselves and my mom does most of the cooking.  However, their food are pretty bland for health reason and plus my mom is not able to spend too much of time on cooking as her arched back constantly pain her plus she needs to take care of my father who is living with Parkinson diseasea. 

I used to buy food for them from outside but I noticed most of the food were not "senior citizen" friendly.   The food contains a lot of ingredients (i.e. salt, sugar, MSG) that are not really healthy plus the meat typically are too tough for them.  Plus, I am learning to cook with chinese herbs as alternative supplement - an alternative to popping the vitamin pills.   I noticed that my body is just flushing out all the expensive vitamins I have taken.   Also,my dad's daily dosage of medication leaves my parents disliking any form of pills even they are not medication.

I am by all mean any great chef but once in a while, I managed to hit some jackpot with some recipes that my parents like.  I have to say it is like trying to hit the jackpot in my cooking especially my dad who is a food connoisseur.  However, I believe it is really very rewarding to see my parents able to enjoy the food without much effort.

In creating my recipes, I am following guidelines currently:
  • No flying oil in my kitchen (to minimize the clean up)
  • Fast and easy to prepare and cook  
  • Healthy and easily accessible ingredients
There is a caption to the second criteria. As long as I am not required to stand beside the cooking utensil, the cooking time can be any length.   Currently, I am using the slower cooker a lot to slowly tenderized the ingredients (especially meat) and allows the herbs to be fully infused into the food.

Some of the recipes were created during my "slimming" program.   Accidentally, my friend daughter loved my "yummy and healthy" creations also.  I guess you can test the recipe on the kids too.  When I cook, I cook for the WHOLE family.

Thank you for stopping by.  I would value any comments and suggestions from you.